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When your home or office is infested with pests, it's a worrisome experience. Pests spread into your property and harm you in various ways. From health to hampering your precious and important belongings, pests are a nuisance. This is why you need a professional pest control service that you can rely on.

Quick Knock Pest Control is the pest control company that can give you a reliable and trustworthy experience. We swear to serve our customers with proper excellency. We have quite the experience in the industry and our highly trained professionals provide you with the finest pest solutions no matter big or small.

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Pest Control Services in Beraid

Pest Control Services in Beraid, Dhaka

Beraid is an area that is very close to Badda. If you cross over the Natun Bazar area and then head over to the 100ft road, You will find Beraid adjacent to it. This area is not fully developed yet as there are many empty plots. Having narrow alleys and congested area space, this area is the perfect place for pest infestation. The Balu river flowing beside it makes it more pleasant for the pests.

Having lots of empty and damp places here near your home you might panic about pest infestation. Quick Knock Pest Control is here to save you from that panic. We offer pest solutions in the area of Beraid and other places in Dhaka. We have the proper knowledge and expertise you need for complete pest removal and to make your home a place free of pests. We are a pest control company where service is justified.

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Usage of Non-Biodegradable and Odorless Cleaning Chemical

Why Do You Need Our Pest Control Services?

You might think pest infestation is not such a big deal until you see the damages happening. At Quick Knock Pest Control, we understand the gravity of the situation and deal with it with perfection. You will get from us:

  • The quickest response that you seek and need
  • Staff that is both professional and friendly
  • Usage of non-biodegradable and odorless cleaning chemical
  • Well developed approach with the client's needs in mind
  • Fair use of Product
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The Process We follow

For peace and tranquility, a pest-free home is necessary. Quick Knock Pest Control can provide you with that peace with our expert pest solutions. No matter the type of property, with our latest tools and technologies we serve proficient pest solutions. We follow certain processes to give you the highest output. Our services are provided but not limited to Beraid.

Applying The Proper Chemical Treatment to The Afflicted Parts

Our pest control process includes the steps:


This is the first step of the complete inspection of Quick Knock Pest Control’s specialized pest control method. Upon contacting our technician will thoroughly inspect your property in every corner and inside out. Our team will provide you with a report after the inspection is complete, followed by a detailed plan for implementation.


The second step to completing pest control of Quick Knock Pest Control is the implementation process. As the name suggests this step follows the proper implementation which includes applying the proper chemical treatment to the afflicted parts of your home or place of business. If necessary, Quick Knock Pest Control will provide you with additional instructions and a guideline to be followed if pests return after the implementation process is complete.


It's the final step of our pest control process. We believe in optimal customer satisfaction and provide regular follow-up and support. Our customer support team is there for absolute monitoring.

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Things That Make Quick Knock Special for Pest Control

Quick Knock Pest Control is an excellent pest control company that offers a variety of services, including pest control for homes and offices. Upon founding in 2003 we have been serving our clients with the objective to meet the need for professional pest control services in Bangladesh. Bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests are among the varieties of termites and insects that we specialize in getting rid of. Let's look at some of the things we specialize in.

Pest Extermination by Experts

Understanding The Uniqueness of Property

Pests differ depending on whether they are in a house, office, factory, farm, or garden. We understand that every property is different and has a different atmosphere. Depending on the type of atmosphere the pest solution can differ. We take action depending on the type of surrounding and deliver pest solutions for cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, rats, mice, rodents, mosquitoes, flies, and various other insects.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We are result driven with budget-friendly options for pest control. We deliver quality and superb solutions for pest infestation. Serving our clients for 10 years, we are dedicated to valuing our customer’s needs and satisfaction with our reasonable pricing.

Experienced Experts

For appropriate pest extermination, expert help is needed. Quick Knock Pest Control’s experts are highly trained and they have years of experience in pest extermination. Our goal is to create a safe and secure environment in Dhaka city and we have a large number of dedicated employees ready for that.

Unique Treatment Plans for All Kinds of Pest Control

Pest problems can be different based on the situation, company, and also season. Keeping that in mind, we offer treatment plans which are unique and customizable.

Quick Knock Pest Control is ready to deliver the best pest control services in Beraid and also in other areas of Dhaka. So don’t worry about pest infestation and call us to 01714-103777 for our services today.

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Excellent service. The employees are very well mannered and thorough.

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The best pest control with good reputation since 2003.

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