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Pests can be a major concern of inconvenience and annoyance in both residential and industrial property. Whether it’s insects, rodents, or both, they can be a pain in the neck and you want them gone as soon as possible. However, getting rid of pests isn't a DIY job and needs professional help. You'll need the assistance of a pest control team.

Professional industrial pest control solutions come with a lot of benefits and protection for the industry. Quick Knock Pest Control Ltd deals with various pests with highly trained pest control technicians all around Dhaka.

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Residential and Industrial Pest Control

Difference Between Residential and Industrial Pest Control

In both residential and industrial pest services, the common goal is to remove the pests. Even so, there are some factors that differentiate between the two.

Firstly comes the length of the whole process. As in industrial services, pest control has to be done in the whole building, it takes a longer time. Whereas for residential pest control services, the size of the project is comparatively smaller. Thus it takes a bit less time.

There is also the factor of money. Industrial services being large scale costs more than residential pest control services.

Regardless, the approaches taken to get rid of pests and stop them from coming back may differ depending on the kind of building. Quick Knock delivers comprehensive pest industrial pest solutions in a cost-effective way and following a well-planned method.

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Industrial Strength Pest Control

Signs You Need Industrial Strength Pest Control

If taken notice there are some signs which indicate the invasion of pests in your industrial property such as odd sounds and smells. The building's walls are easily penetrated by rodents and insects, and unusual noises may be a sign that the pests are scurrying around.

Another sign that you need industrial pest control is interior damage. On food packaging, walls, and baseboards, look for scratches and biting marks. Another indication of a bug issue is holes in fabrics.

Although it is hoped that the bugs are not inflicting any structural harm, it is possible. Termites, for example, can gnaw holes in support beams. You require industrial pest control services if you see any structural damage.

Pest Control Services

Invest in a Reliable Industrial Pest Control Solution

Pest problems are a hassle and the hassle increases when it comes to industrial cases. This is where an effective and reliable professional industrial pest solution is required.

Every industry is unique and they have its own unique needs, struggles, and pest problems. Quick Knock Pest Control Ltd understands every industry’s needs and requirements and takes action accordingly. Our well-researched tactics and modern technology make sure your company is pest free. Our services include:

Industries Quick Knock Serves

At Quick Knock, we recognize that no two organizations are the same, so we customize our solutions to meet the specific requirements of your company. It makes no sense to approach your commercial pest issue in the same manner as another business. We will not when you work with Quick Knock. The Guaranteed Distinction is that. Let's go through some of the industries we provide our professional pest solutions to.



Educational institutions seem the perfect place for pests to stay and the removal of pests in educational institutions can be a sensitive issue. The safety of the staff and the students are a major concern here. You cannot just spray and use pest control medicine in school, college or university.

Quick Knock Pest Control Ltd understands the sensitivity of the issue here and acts accordingly. Our proven methods of pest control will mean no harm to the people and the environment and we get complete pest removal.

Food Processing

Food Processing

Customers will not find it pleasing to have knowledge of pests in your food company. Food is a sensitive and vital issue and customers don't want pests lingering when it comes to food, nor do we. That's why we design a food industry program for your needs and demolish the presence of pests with our experts' pest removal.



In the healthcare sector, patient care, facilities and also compliance and a cleaner environment is mandatory. But having pests around hampers all these and interrupts the treatment and peace of the patients and the whole hospital environment.

Quick Knock deals with it in a serious manner and with a structured strategy and executes pest removal professionally with utmost care.



Warehouses and storage buildings are filled with spots that are hard to reach. At Quick Knock, we understand that these spots provide pests with a safe haven to expand their colonies and infiltrate and assault building structures. Don't allow pests to harm your business and contact us today. Our pest control for warehouses and storage facilities will handle even the most severe pest infestations.

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Putting Your Business First

Quick Knock Pest Control Ltd takes your business seriously and approaches problem-solving with the professionalism you would expect from a true partner. We understand how precious your business is to you and how pest infiltration can hamper it severely.

But no need to worry! We are Dedicated to Superior Cleaning. We have been providing services in different industrial sectors in various areas of Dhaka with pure excellence. See the list of our clients to build trust. Still have doubts? Then hear from our trusted clients.

For an efficient industry solution of pest control rely on us. Our expert client-handling team will guide you through the entire process. To get any assistance call us at 01714-103777 or contact us online.

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