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Following the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the whole world focused its attention to this new born country, a country that came into being after more than ten months of war, a war that left its economy in shambles and its seventy five million people in desperate need of help. International aid was available from countries that supported the independence of Bangladesh and from many humanitarian and aid organizations the world over. The transportation sector, both local and international destroyed during the ten months of war, posed a crucial impediment for flow of aid,
but equally challenging was the ability of the new born country to provide supporting logistic service to the hundred of expatriate that would need to come to Bangladesh to work alongside our people in an effort to rebuild the countries economy and its physical infrastructure, Homebound came into being at this critical juncture.

The company had a clear vision. A vision that encompassed the need to create an environment that would be viable enough for various agencies in Bangladesh to attract people from around the world. These people would come and work in Bangladesh together with their families. Since the primary focus of Homebound was on moving expatriate families and their household effects into Bangladesh, Homebound quickly established contacts with members of the House hold goods removal companies and different trade associations all over the world and through several joint cooperation, Homebound launched its operations in Bangladesh in 1972.

Homebound’s beginning was modest by any standards, with 4 people. Homebound began its journey. Shipments were packed and moved in conventional methods in lift vans (big wooden crates) and received from overseas in the same manner as well. By the turn of the eighties shipping changed so did Homebound. Lift vans became a thing of the past replaced rapidly by large sea containers and ULD’s (Unit Loading Device) for air-shipments.

Homebound survived and advanced by keeping up to speed with major developments in the packing and shipping trade and gradually established a dominant presence in the Bangladesh market, and a very reliable associate of several large world class movers all over the world. Because of its adherence to international standards of service, Homebound was invited to become a member of the HHGFA, BAR, AMC, FIDI, etc and also the local Bangladesh associates for world renowned removal companies like United Van Lines, North American van Lines, etc.
In 1979 Homebound was selected by DHL, one of the leading air express operators in the world to represent them in Bangladesh, this association has flourished and continues till today with DHL occupying the leading and dominant position in the market by commanding over sixty percent of the market share, far ahead of its competitors. Globally DHL is fully owned by DPWN (Deustche Post World Net)

Homebound, today is one of the leading international transportation logistic service provider in the country and the only ISO 9002 certified operator in this trade, its business is primarily centered to Global Transportation and a host of other support services which includes air, sea and multimodal freight forwarding, consolidation, break bulk, customs brokerage, handling of project cargo, leasing of heavy equipment, warehousing, removals etc.

As we stepped into 2019 we come with 47 years of operating experience under our belt. In this span of more than four and half decades Homebound has been serving a host of customers from all sectors. These include Foreign missions, NGO’s, MNC’s, Local Industrial Corporation and Government Turn Key Projects and host of other companies across all sectors. Homebound is totally committed to give the best to its customers and thus the slogan.


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