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Cockroaches are known to spread a variety of infections, as well as germs and parasitic worms, all of which are harmful to people. As they walk through garbage piles, sewers, and drains, these pests can take up germs on the tips of their legs and bodies, which they can ultimately transfer to foods and food preparation surfaces.

Cockroach allergens have been demonstrated in recent medical investigations to produce allergic reactions in humans as well as asthma in children. These pests are a hassle to have on your property and can destroy any food goods they come into touch with, in addition to spreading disease. The stench of this species is quite powerful.

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How many kinds of cockroaches are roaming the earth?

Cockroaches are found in about 4,500 different species around the world. However, just 30 of them are called pests. The German, American, Australian, and Oriental cockroaches are four of the 30 species that excel in trying to take care of themselves.

However, the migration of Australian cockroaches is more in Asia. Four types of cockroaches, including the Australian cockroach, roam the world. So, we set out to prevent four types of cockroaches. And that's how our technicians identify and destroy cockroaches.

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What is the Best Way to Prevent Cockroaches?

As with other pests, you must eradicate the circumstances that attract roaches in the first place. All food, drink, and hiding places must be taken away. You may make your home less enticing to roaches by doing the following:

  • A dehumidifier can help to reduce the amount of moisture in your home.
  • Examine your gutters to ensure that they are adequately draining water away from your home, and replace any broken hoses or fixtures.
  • Crawl spaces, basements, and other high-humidity areas of the house should all have dehumidifiers installed.
  • Debris, leaves, and other decomposing stuff should be removed from your yard and property.
  • Plug gaps around windows and doors and seal cracks and holes in your home's foundation.
  • Keep dust, spills, and grease build-up to a minimum in the kitchen and food storage rooms.

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To get rid of your roach infestation once and for all, employ a professional roach control team in Dhaka. Professional teams know how to find and eliminate roach infestations in a safe and effective manner, without endangering your children, pets, or home.

Call us as soon as possible to get such wonderful advice, and don't wait until it's too late to get rid of cockroaches, and live in a cockroach-free, clean environment.

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